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BioShock Infinite review 'in the 90s' - Pachter Empty BioShock Infinite review 'in the 90s' - Pachter

Post by Yaznee! L4DS on Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:53 pm

It might not be out for a whole two
years, but respected games industry analyst Michael Pachter has already
made the prediction that BioShock Infinite reviews will score 'in the
90s'. A fair bet, we reckon.

When asked
for comment, the Wedbush man made his prediction based on developer
Irrational Games' immaculate track record, and because famed designer
Ken Levine is at the helm

"Ken Levine was the lead on the first
game, and is the lead on this one. I think he is a brilliant game
maker," Pachter told CVG following a request for comment.

"I think it's likely that an Irrational game will get a review score in the 90s (look at their history)," he answered.

BioShock Infinite was unveiled last night in a flurry of excitement. See the first BioShock Infinite trailer and an interview with Ken Levine for more.

BioShock Infinite review 'in the 90s' - Pachter %20yaznee
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